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A wick

The capillary action of the wick ensures the fluid is drawn up. The fluid within the wick then evaporates. The surrounding humidity of the air determines how much fluid evaporates. The process of evaporation requires energy. This energy is taken from the fluid within the wick, causing the fluid to cool down and therefore lowering the temperature. The temperature sensor within the wick measures the drop in temperature which is then relayed to the computer.
Most computers are capable of displaying the ambient temperature ("dry") and wet bulb temperature ("wet"). Using these two temperatures, the climate computer calculates the humidity within the air.

The wick must contain sufficient fluid. Unbranded wicks usually do not contain enough fluid, resulting in incorrect humidity readings in the climate computer.
At Nexus, quality checks are continuously performed to ensure that Aquanex Wicks are always capable of containing sufficient fluid (See also: Demands on the wick).




Your climate computer assumes that you use demineralised water, which is supplied with all contamination removed. This water, assuming it remains clean, always has the same evaporation value.
In the demi-water, within your measuring unit, anything can live and grow. In the reservoir and wick, slime, slimy clouds, black streaks, etc can develop. Even after intensive cleaning these problems may return.
These contaminants cause the wick to dry out or no longer function properly. To counteract this problem, "home remedies" are used, such as using boiler water and 'a drop of chlorine'. The accumulation of deposits from "home remedies" left in the wick will create a change in the evaporation value, resulting in the computer miss-calculating the humidity.

When using Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid, the evaporation propertie remain consistently correct, with the climate computer calculating the correct humidity (See also: Demands on the fluid).



Solutions to problems

Depending upon the severity of the problems within your measuring units, the following applies:

You do not have a problem:.............

You probably already use Aquanex Wicks combined with demi-water
You have a problem:..........................
Start using Aquanex Wicks combined with Aquanex
You have an Endurance problem:...
Start using Aquanex Wicks combined with Aquanex+



Advice solving problems

If you grow tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, etc. Aquanex is an excellent choice.
In (pot) plant nurseries, floriculture and when growing cut flowers, you may experience the Endurance problem. This occurs when growing crops at low temperatures and/or high humidity. This causes stale fluid in the container of the measuring unit. Under these circumstances Aquanex+ is a good choice.

All Aquanex products are available from your horticulture supplier.





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