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Question: Sometimes the wick feels slimy and smooth. Why is this?

Answer: This problem often occurs after 2 or 3 weeks. This is usually discovered when deviations in the humidity measurements occur. It is caused by a strong growth of micro-organisms. When using Aquanex this problem will not occur.


Question: The wick dries out after 2 to 4 weeks. Why is this?

Answer: Because the measuring unit is very dirty. Any impurities transported from the reservoir are clogging up the wick (see below for possible causes). This is usually discovered when the humidity measurement reads 100%. When using Aquanex this problem will not occur.


Question: Sometimes the wick is dried out or slimy. What can cause this?

Answer: Problems arise due to contamination (micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, etc.). This contamination can block the transport of the fluid in the wick causing it to dry out. It is therefore important to start out with the cleanest measuring unit possible. The following may give reasons for contamination:

  • When Aquanex is first used in dirty measuring units, the remains of micro-organisms are present. In a new or well cleaned unit this is normally not the case.
  • Remove the black rubber grommet
    Some measuring units have a black rubber grommet on the fluid container through which the wick passes. This black rubber grommet can deteriorate in time and contain micro-organism. You must remove this black rubber grommet. Removal will not affect the measurement.
  • Some bottle shaped containers are difficult to clean or so dirty that chlorine treatment is not effective. Deposit remains visible and the surface feels smooth to the touch. You will need to replace these containers. If from then onwards you use Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid, the reservoir will remain clean.
  • The wick is turned over.
    The dirty side of the wick, (which has been exposed to the air stream) within which most of the micro-organisms live, is placed into the reservoir.
    If enough of the active ingredient is already present in the reservoir to kill the micro-organisms, then large amounts of dead tissue material are deposited into the fluid. This can quickly reduce the transport of fluid, which takes place on the inner side of the wick, resulting in the wick rapidly drying out.
    In addition, using this approach places an extra heavy organic burden on the system, potentially causing Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid to become ineffective.
  • Aquanex is diluted (with demineralised water)
    The reliability of the measurement can be affected because the composition has been modified. Aquanex is supplied with a composition such that it must be used undiluted.
  • Alternating fluids (demineralised / Aquanex / demineralised / Aquanex etc.)
    During the period when demineralised water is used, a rapid growth of micro-organisms will take place. During the period when Aquanex is used, they are killed off. See above for further consequences of contaminated measuring units.
  • The measuring unit is dry or has been nearly dried out (less than 5% fluid left). If the unit becomes dry or almost dry, no more active materials are present. This will result in a substantial growth of micro-organisms.
  • That part of the wick that is dried out is cut off and the remainder is re-used.
    See above: The wick is turned over.
  • During crop spraying switch off the fan in the measuring unit.
    The wick is exposed to the air stream. It may be affected by crop protection agents or by salts that build up within the wick. This may affect humidity measurements.


Question: Will the colour of the wick influence the measurements?

Answer: Yes. Colouring used in a wick may affect its evaporative value.
That is why Aquanex Wicks have no colour. If the wick has been in the measuring unit for some time, it may have been affected by the air stream (by misting, spraying, crop protection, airborne impurities, etc.).
With a colourless Aquanex Wick this is easily established.


Question: Does the wick material influence measurements?

Answer: Yes. The material affects measurements as it also affects the evaporative value. Different evaporative values result in different humidity measurements. Aquanex Wicks do not affect the evaporative value.


Question: The wick in the measuring unit still feels moist. I use a cheap generic wick and it seems to work all right. But when I walk in the greenhouse, the climate does not seem to match with the readings on the computer. How is this possible?

Answer: Your computer assumes that the computer measurements are accurate. If the moisture plays an important role in your environmental control, then heating, ventilation and screening are controlled based on humidity and temperature measurements.
If the wet bulb sensor in the measuring unit is not kept moist enough by the wick, the measurement in your greenhouse is incorrect. The computer however attempts to 'correct' this by adjusting the controls. The computer calculates the humidity based on incorrect measurements and thus creates the wrong environment in your greenhouse. Depending on the severity of this problem you can 'feel' this. In practice, this uses a lot of heating fuel thus increasing costs and the quality of your product will decline. (See the demands on the wicks).


Question: The evaporation of Aquanex appears to be the same as the evaporation of demineralised water. Is that true?

Answer: Yes. Aquanex has exactly the same evaporative properties as demineralised water. The several added active ingredients in Aquanex are such that these basic properties are not affected. This is of utmost importance for the reliable operation of your computer, which calculates your venting positions and heating temperatures.


Question: In which humidity measuring units can Aquanex be used?

Answer: For the measuring units to function well, the manufacturers of units demand high quality wicks and fluid. Aquanex products satisfy the demands of all well known manufacturers.

Aquanex products are used in the computers of:

    HortiMaX / Van Vliet
    P. v.d. Berg
    Van der Burg


Vraag: What is the difference between Priva Hygrowick and Aquanex wicks?

Antwoord: There is no difference. Priva Hygrowick and Aquanex kousjes are the same.


Question: How reliable is measuring humidity with Aquanex?

Answer: Aquanex has been researched over a long period of time by the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering/Agricultural Research Centre (IMAG/DLO) in Wageningen and is completely reliable. Hundreds of critical growers have for years already used Aquanex Wicks and Measuring Fluid to their satisfaction.


Question: When should the wick be changed?

Answer: If Aquanex is always present in the reservoir, the wick stays in good condition until at least 5 litres (one can) of Aquanex has evaporated through the wick. If the wick has dried out, it must be replaced with a new one.
A wick can also become damaged or contaminated on the outside. In such cases it will still be damp, but very dirty. Aquanex Wicks are white in order to easily establish a dirty wick. Therefore, the need to change the wick depends on how dirty it is in the greenhouse, the rate of spraying, crop protection and other contaminants present in the air.
A large number of growers change the wicks at predetermined times. For example, when starting a new crop, once a quarter, every even or odd month, or any other easily memorable moment in time.


Question: How can the measuring unit be checked?

Answer: The wet / dry bulb reading is a solid and proven very reliable method of measuring humidity. An important advantage is that the measurement can be easily verified by the user. This is not possible in any other system that measures humidity.

The verification of the measuring unit is simple:

  • Remove the wick from the "wet bulb" temperature sensor.
  • Wait until the temperature sensor is dry.
  • The dry bulb (room temperature) and wet bulb temperature can be read on the computer display.
  • If the two temperatures are equal, the measuring unit is working properly.


Question: Why does Aquanex work?

Answer: It is specially developed for use in measuring units. With demi-water or other 'domestic means' the correct functioning of the measuring unit is not quaranteed. The humidity measurement can deviate. Professionals use Aquanex to guarantee the correct operation of the measuring units.


Question: Sometimes I doubt the humidity measurement. What should I do?

Answer: Incorrect humidity measurement will probably cost a vast amount of money (due to incorrect heating and/or ventilation).
If you doubt the correctness of the measurement, you should get in touch with us. Our help is free and without obligation.

We are specialists in the field of humidity measurement and can help you solve your problems (tel: +31 10 288 7415).


Question: What costs are associated when using Aquanex?

Answer: The fluid usage depends on the culture, required humidity and temperature. If Aquanex is used throughout the year, annual costs per measuring unit are between € 20 and € 36.



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