Wim and Patrick Grootscholten, Maasdijk Foto Wim Grootscholten
Wim Grootscholten has used Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid for many years now. When asked about his experience using the product, he says: "This fluid saves us a considerable amount of money in maintenance costs each year. Humidity control is vitally important to growing a quality product. Before we started using Aquanex, it was a regular weekly habit to check our measuring units to prevent problems with the humidity control, due to incorrect measurements."
Wim Grootscholten is co-founder of the Rainbow Growers Group, and together with his two sons, grows sweet peppers on an area of 160,000 sq. metres. His son Patrick, who runs one of the companies, is also an Aquanex enthusiast. "It's a problem-free solution, algae growth and impurities have completely disappeared and the measuring units look like new since we started using Aquanex."

That is why, as a matter of course, Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid and Aquanex Wicks are used by all members of the Rainbow Growers Group.

Wim and Patrick Grootscholten, Maasdijk

Piet Opgenoort, Huissen
"I was quite sceptical to start with. I had tried so many products already, but nothing worked. Therefore, when I heard there was a professional solution that had been proven to work without doubt, I really wanted to try it out and sure enough, it works! Now, I no longer need to check my measuring units, (apart from topping them up once every six weeks), I am assured of accurate measurements without having to worry about unnecessary heating costs or a climate that is too dry. I immediately started using Aquanex in all measuring units and I haven't regretted it for a minute. After approximately two weeks the Aquanex Wicks became blocked because of impurities which had been left in the reservoir. This was due to Aquanex dissolving all the impurities which were then immediately drawn up into the wick. After replacing wicks and fluid the matter was solved. That was the last time I had to check up on the system! Of course this is not a cheap product, but 'you get what you pay for', as we've discovered."

Piet Opgenoort, Huissen

Priva, de Lier

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PRIVA translation

Tip: Monthly maintenance of dry/wet bulb prevents incorrect humidity measurement.

For correct measurements, the temperature sensors must be clean. Monthly maintenance of the dry/wet bulb of your measuring unit is therefore very important. With the tips and advice of the Priva Environment Adviser you know exactly what to look out for.

Principle of measurement
For the measurement of the humidity of the air in the greenhouse, Priva uses the principle of the ‘wet bulb’ and ‘dry bulb’.  The principle is based on a measuring unit with two identical temperature sensors inside; one of which measures the air temperature in the greenhouse and the other is connected to a wet wick. Using the temperature difference, the computer is capable of calculating the relative humidity (RH) and/or the moisture deficit.

Monthly maintenance of the dry/wet bulb
As a result of contamination in the water reservoir of the measuring unit, the wick dries out.  The reason is that pores in the wick become blocked, so that no more water ‘flows’ to the temperature sensor. In most cases this blockage is caused by dirt and micro-organisms such as algae, fungus and bacteria. Therefore get into the habit to once a month clean the water reservoir in the measuring unit. The usage of chlorine is permitted as long as you rinse thoroughly with clean water. Priva recommends changing the entire wick at the same time.

Aquanex Measuring Unit Liquid
To lengthen the life span of the wick, you can use Aquanex Measuring Unit Liquid.  Contaminants present in the measuring unit are broken down.  This prevents blockages in the wick and increases the life span of the wick. Aquanex Measuring Unit Liquid is available from Priva or your supplier in a 5-litre jerry can and must be used in the measuring units undiluted. Research has shown that Aquanex has no negative influence on the humidity measurement and extends the life span of the wick by several months.

Additional points of attention for the measuring unit
Apart from the proper functioning of the measuring units, a number of additional points require attention for a correct measurement of temperature and humidity:

  • The measuring unit must be installed correctly.  Pay attention to factors that can cause a deviation in measurements such as: a heating pipe, an air heater, condensation from a gutter, cold air caused by screening, etc.
  • The fan in the measuring unit must function properly in order to supply the air to the temperature sensors with constant speed.  If the fan is noisy, it often indicates wear of the fan, possibly resulting in underperformance. If necessary, the fan should be replaced.
  • The temperature sensors must function properly.  This can be checked by removing the wick from the ‘wet bulb’ sensor, drying the sensor and subsequently checking that both sensors measure the same temperature.  If this is not the case, it may mean that one of the sensors is defective.  Another possibility is that the cause is in the cabling.
  • The water in the measuring unit must be of a good quality. Recommended is the usage of distilled or demi-water. Ensure the wick cannot dry out, by replenishing the wate in the reservoir in good time. Water from the tap or from the heating condenser contain too many contaminants therefore being unsuitable. Aquanex opposes the growth of algae, fungi and bacteria, which helps to prevent blockages in the wick.
  • The wick in the measuring unit must function properly. Use the recommended wick. During replacement ensure the wick remains clean. Beware of greasy fingers!
  • Switch the fan off during crop spraying, thus preventing chemicals being sucked into your measuring units.

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