The demands on the wick

The wick must supply sufficient fluid to the sensor and must not affect the rate of evaporation process. The performance of the wick depends on many factors such as material, composition, construction, contaminants, durability, repeatability, control of the final product, etc.

The circumstances under which the wick must function properly can vary widely: different levels (empty / full) in the fluid container, changes in humidity, temperature and durability, extreme conditions, various crops (fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, pot plants), etc.

Capabilities of the wick require that it must have the folowing:

  • High fluid lifting capability
  • High fluid throughput
  • High fluid transport speed
  • No influence on the surface tension and evaporation of the fluid

Aquanex Wicks meet all the quality demands you expect from a branded product. Therefore the professional grower can be sure he has a wick for reliable measurement of humidity in the greenhouse.

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