First time use

  • The first time you use Aquanex the reservoir must be as clean as possible. If the measuring unit's reservoir feels slippery or looks furred it can be cleaned by filling with a bleaching solution (1:5). Leave to stand for 20 minutes, empty completely, then rinse thoroughly at least 4 times with clean tap water, as any chlorine left behind may affect the measurements.
    Note: Never use thick bleach or other specialised bleaching products! If in doubt call the helpdesk (+31 10 288 7415).
  • If the measuring unit still feels slippery or looks furred, try wiping clean with a piece of kitchen towel. If necessary repeat the bleach treatment. Remember, that any impurities left behind can only exit one way; via the wick. The wick will then become blocked and dry out. You will notice this when your computer shows a reading of 100% RH. It is therefore of the utmost importance that you start out with a clean measuring unit.
  • If the reservoir cannot be cleaned properly (e.g. a bottle with a narrow neck) then it must be replaced.
  • Remove the black rubber grommet
    Some measuring units have a black rubber grommet on the reservoir, through which the wick passes. This grommet deteriorates over time and therefore may contain micro-organisms. The grommet can be remove and disposed of. This will not affect the measurement.
  • Always try keeping the wick free from grease. Washing your hands before handling the wick will help. Once the wick is in place, soak it with Aquanex Measuring Unit Fluid.
  • The first time a wick is used, it can become blocked because of old impurities in the fluid. If this happens, change wick and fluid (see above).

Aquanex is used instead of demineralised water. It has been developed to provide accurate and reliable humidity measurements. In order to retain these properties nothing must be mixed with Aquanex.

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