Mixing concentrated Aquanex

Concentrated Aquanex is supplied in bottles of 250 ml (25 cl). Before you can use it in the measuring box unit, it must be mixed with demineralized water.

You will need:

  • Clean (new) PE jerrycan of 5 liter.
  • Cap to the jerrycan of PE material.
  • 5 liters demineralized water with Electro Conductivity (EC) < 10 uS.
  • 1 bottle of 250 ml Concentrated Aquanex.

You must do:

  • Check the jerrycan and cap for pollution.
  • Fill the jerrycan with demineralized water.
  • Add the bottle of Concentrated Aquanex to the jerrycan.
  • Screw the cap onto the jerrycan.
  • Hold the jerrycan upsite down several times (mixing).
  • The Aquanex is now ready to be used in the measuring unit.



  • Do not use a stick or something similar to mix the Aquanex.
  • Use only clean poly-ethyleen (PE) material.


Tip: if demiwater is supplied in a 5 liter can, you can directly add the bottle of Aquanex concentrated to this demiwater can.

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